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My Purpose here is to Help retirees and people who Need Extra Help with Social Security, as Social Security is not enough money to Live comfortably. In many cases what is needed is extra Cash or income from home. Online work at home Jobs and as an affiliate marketer can provide a significant source of revenue for senior citizens, retirees and anyone that needs to work at home. So at this point You may be asking….What is Affiliate Marketing? I found a Good explanation here.



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There are Many advantages to working from home, and I will be talking about them in this article. You will probably be able to recognize even more than I haven’t listed here; but here’s a few.

Some of The Advantages To Working Online From Home.

  1. You Can Choose the Hours You want to Work. Work at 3 AM if that suits You.
  2. No Need To Commute or Get Stuck in Traffic. Save On Gas, Tires, and Car Maintenance Too.
  3. No Dress Code, BS or Company Politics. You Are The Boss.(Sometimes I work in sweats or PJ’s)
  4. The Internet is Worldwide and It Works 24/7/365.  You Can Make Money While You Are Sleeping.
  5. The Work You Do Now, Can Still Be Making You Money; Years From Now.
  6. Your Efforts Can Create A Significant Supplemental Income In Your Retirement Years.
  7. Choose An Area You Like. Your Interest or Passion. Golf, Fishing, Bowling, Traveling, Whatever…
  8. You Don’t Have To Work From Home. You Can Work Anywhere There Is An Internet Connection!


===>>I Would Love To Work Online From Home…But I Don’t Know How.

I Didn’t know how either, when I first started. But Here You are reading My article. How Did I Do It? I Found A Complete Training program that Will Teach You Step By Step. This Training Program Contains a Complete Toolbox and has All The Tools You will need to be Successful.

It’s NOT Just a Training Program; Let Me Explain. One of The Co Founders of Wealthy Affiliate is this since 2005 and He (Kyle) is Very Successful. He’s NOT the only one, There is an Entire Community of Over 1 Million Successful People willing to Help You as You go through The Training. This Is Better Than An Education From Any University; because It Teaches Skills that You can Use for Years To Come. Let’s Face It…. The Internet Is The Future!

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What Will I Need To Start ?

  • A Computer, Laptop, or Tablet.
  • An Internet Connection and Email Address.
  • A Willingness To Learn and Put Forth Some Effort.
  • A Place To Work. (This Can Be A Kitchen Table To Start)
  • A Notebook For Taking Notes, Pens, Paper.

Can I Do This Part Time ?

Yes! You Can Start Part Time and Set Your Own Hours. As I mentioned earlier, If You want to work for (2 Hours) at 3 in the morning; You can. Remember… You Are The Boss! I have devoted myself to this business and I am working an average of about 6 hours a day. But You don’t have to….. work at Your own pace, on Your schedule. Want a Day Off? Look In the mirror and ASK The Boss.

You Can Do This! When You Start Training You Will Be Guided Step By Step with All the Tools You Will Need To Be Successful. A Community of Successful People are Eager to Help You if You Ever Need it. You Will learn Valuable Skills, You Will Use Every day, and The Education You Will Get is “Worth More Than A Degree from College”.

A Breakdown of The Training is Outlined Below.

  1. They Tell You About What you Are going to Learn in The Video.
  2. Watch The Video that Explains The Subject on Your Computer.
  3. Read The Text that Reinforces The Video You Just Watched. (You can Ask For Help Anytime from Successful People already doing this.)
  4. You are Given A Set of small Tasks to “Do” what You Learned. You can Watch The Video Again If Needed. (This is Very helpful if You get interrupted or just want to take a break.)
  5. Do What You Learned.  Complete The Task List and Check Them Off.
  6. Move On to The Next Part of Training. (You Don’t Have To Rush; Learn At Your Own Pace.)
  7. This Is Your Business and You are The Boss.
  8. You Can Earn As You Learn. (This Is One of The Main Reasons I Love The Wealthy Affiliate System.)

It is that Simple. Each one of The Topics is laid out like this. Anyone Can Do This!! It will take Effort, But You Can Learn New Skills & Get Started Right Now.

====>>>How Do I Get Started Working From Home ?

Maybe You are Ready to Start Learning New Skills, or You may have Skills, but Need a little Help; then Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for You. I want to tell You a Little more about Wealthy Affiliate and “This All In One Toolbox”.  The Wealthy Affiliate is Training is Top notch in all respects. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT just a Training Program… Wealthy Affiliate provides All The Tools To Be Successful in One Toolbox!! There Are Over 1 Million Successful People in Our Community here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You Will Learn The Skills Listed Below and Much More.

  • How To Build Your Own Website. You Read That Right. You Will Learn to Build Your Own Website. You can build a Website in just a few minutes.
  • Market A Product or Service Online. 24/7/365 (No Product, No Problem; You Learn This.)
  • Choose Your Own Passion. If You Love Bicycles, You can market Bicycles and accessories. If You Love Fishing, Needlepoint, Books, Classic Cars, Cooking, Camping, Music, Travel, You name it.
  • Optimize Your Website for Search Engines. (Google, Yahoo and Bing All have Search Engines.)
  • How to do Research on Various different Products. Millions of Products.
  • How To Get Ranked By These Search Engines. (This is So People Can Find Your Site. People=Money)
  • Find Thousands of Companies, Services or Products to Market. (They Will All Pay You.)
  • How To Get Paid for Your Efforts. (As I mentioned Before, Do The Work Once; Get Paid Many Times….)
  • Get Help From Successful People Already Doing This. If You get stuck or have a Question, (and You probably will); There are Successful People Available, and Willing To Help.


If You are still reading this, You now have a good understanding about what I think Is The Best Work at Home Business. I could go on, and write another thousand words; but I believe it would be best for You to check it out. I Have not mentioned this yet, but it is actually FREE to try Wealthy Affiliate. There is No Charge and NO Credit Card Required. You Really can Start An Online Business From Home with NO COST.  Now It’s Your Turn. You Too, can Be Successful in Your Own Online Work at Home Business.  Simply Click One of The Banners on This Page To Start Your Free Education.  You have Nothing to Lose and You Could Change Your Life.  DO NOT Depend On Social Security for Your Retirement.  You Deserve A Better Life In Your Retirement Years.

Thanks,  I hope to see you in The Wealthy Affiliate Community.




Free Affiliate Marketing Training at Wealthy Affiliate

NO Credit Card Required. It Is Really Free.












If You have any Questions about Wealthy Affiliate Please Ask them Below.  Also, If You are a Member, I would love to Hear about Your Journey.  Comments Are Welcomed Here.


  1. Hi Ron,

    I have been in WA for a little over a month now and I really do love it. It is not a ‘get rich quick’ program. It definitely takes time. And a whole lot of work and effort. Starting a successful website in a sea of billions takes a lot. This program teaches the ‘how’, but it’s up to the person to follow through and be resilient. Don’t quit your day job to do this full time at first, wait until the money starts coming in!

    • Ashley, Thanks for the comment. I think You started at WA about a week before I did.
      Yep, I’m a Newbie to All of this. I am determined and putting in Time and Effort because this is “What I Do” Now.

      I Know I am in The Right Place to Be Successful on The Internet. WA has ALL the Tools I need in One Toolbox.
      Quite Frankly, Social Security Is NOT enough for Me to live on… and It Scares the hell out of me. I want more than Rice and Beans.

      Thanks Again,


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