I am about to retire, so I wondered how to start a small online business from home for extra income. Online work at home jobs can provide a much needed safety net in addition to Social Security Benefits. While I was doing research, I was surprised to find that there are legitimate money making opportunities online if You weed through all the Scams. But use caution, and do Your own research.

Maybe You are concerned that Social Security is Not Enough to live Comfortably in Your retirement years. I want to help You avoid mistakes (Scams) that can cost Your hard earned money.

Update:  I have written Another Article that may be helpful to those people nearing retirement. You can read it by clicking below.

Online Work At Home Jobs




Scams….I Hate them.  Just today I got a voicemail on my phone from somewhere in NJ telling me that my Windows license had expired and it would No Longer be supported.  I was supposed to call them back so they could give me refund…..(Yeah Right). But I decided to have a Little Fun.

I called them back and spoke to a man with a Very heavy accent, and he asked me to “Go to my Computer”.  So I told him OK, and after about 2 minutes I told him I was there. He didn’t say anything for the longest time. While I waited for him to speak; I came up with the perfect thing to say. Finally I said “I’m at My computer“.  He said what do you see?  I said My Computer……Oh, Do I have to turn it On?“.  Yes, obviously frustrated….Turn it on He told me. (Now I’m sure he was gonna ask me for my banking information so he could send me a refund.) But I got Bored and Finally asked him If this was about My Windows, and he said; “Yes, It was no longer supported and I could get a refund. My response was “I need a Refund Cause My Windows Leak when it Rains” and I Hung Up.


First Things…..First.  A Little About Me.

I am nearing retirement and most folks would call me “Old School” primarily because of my thinking.  By this, I mean I have a few rules that I live by.  A couple of these are “Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say.”  In most cases I don’t believe in using 20 words when 7 will do. I’m not being short, just clear and to the point.  I will apologize later if I hurt Your tender dang feelings.  Good communication builds good relationships, I think.

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On To The Meat and Potatoes.  Dessert Comes Later…Be Patient.

By now you have may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to try and give you the straight scoop on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for short.  There aren’t many free affiliate marketing programs but WA is The Best that I have found.  The reason is simple, you can earn while you learn.  Wealthy Affiliate offers the training, tools and support you need to succeed.  Oh, by the way; I am writing this to you right now with education I gained from Wealthy Affiliate.  But before I get into the nuts and bolts, lets look at some other stuff.



According to Google (Read it here) There will be an estimated 4.33 Billion people or Over half of the worlds population online as of July 2019.  We use the internet daily for almost everything.  Social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter connect us to each other around this big old rock like never before.  We play games, watch movies, video, read articles, get news, do our banking, pay bills, trade stocks, dream, and just surf whatever is interesting.  Want to see a great movie?…..Which movie?  Google it…..or Bing it.  What are other people saying on the internet?  What is the most reliable car, fastest car or which one has the highest resale value?  Let’s see what people are saying on the net.  Need groceries, fast food or a pizza delivered……You guessed it …..The internet.  All of these “Things” and millions more are now at your fingertips 24/7/365 online, just a few clicks away.

Let’s Clear The Hair A Little.   So Get Your Brush….   What Is An Affiliate ?

An Affiliate is someone who gets paid for making a recommendation of a product or service.  Have you ever recommended a good restaurant or great movie to a friend?  Sure you have, we all have.  When you do this on the internet there are Thousands of companies like WalMart, Amazon, Ebay, Costco, and Shopify, just to name a few; that will pay you when people buy their stuff.

Companies do this because it makes them more profitable; it makes good business sense.  As you probably know; advertising on radio, TV, billboards etc, is expensive and it plays havoc on their bottom line.  Affiliates offer a much better Return on Investment (ROI), because they do not have to pay until they make a sale.  Businesses can also target a particular group or audience, and analyze the result of their advertising to see what works.


Imagine writing a Review of an item or a comparison of several items and getting paid when someone makes a purchase. One of the best parts is You don’t deal with inventory, shipping, refunds, exchanges, or billing. In most cases, You won’t know who bought an item or where in the world they live. This is The Power of The Internet; and It is here to stay.


Great Deals on Laptops at Amazon

This does take work, It is NOT a get rich scheme. But there are Many Affiliate Marketers who started out part time, and have gone on to replace their income from their Full Time job.  A lot of these people make 5 or 6 figures a month or more!!  Some have become millionaires through their own efforts; but they all started with one small step.  You determine your own success when you work for yourself…..You are The Boss.  You’ve surely heard the phrase “The sky is the limit”?  No where is this more true……. than with Affiliate Marketing. I live for the day when I don’t have to Look at The Price Tag of an item I want. I am not there yet, but I believe I’m headed in the right direction.







So, How Does How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?    Now For Dessert…

Have you ever had too much Month left at the end of your Money?  Have you ever thought you needed a part time job to make more money?  I know I have.  What if you could go to work at your job, like you usually do, but every other business on the street where you work was going to pay you.  You have effectively cloned yourself and are now getting multiple paychecks.  This is the concept behind Affiliate Marketing.  The work you do is the same…..you just do it for 25 or more different companies, and they all pay You.


With Thousands of companies willing to pay for your service you only need a little from just a Few of them.  Remember we have an audience of 4.33 Billion people at this concert and “The Band” plays 24/7/365.  I would love to have a fraction of a percent of the ABOVE figure…….And really it would be BEST if I could get that every week.


Wealthy Affiliate is Like Your Toolbox









The idea here is to have many different companies paying you each month to advertise for them. A lot of them pay immediately when a sale is made. This is Not like a Printed Circular that You find in Your mailbox; glance at it, and throw it away.  The Ads or promotions You write today will Still be on The Internet…. Years from now.


Wealthy Affiliate is like your Toolbox…..that has all the tools you need to successfully complete the job.  It is not an impossible job, once you know how; and have all of the tools.  WA Teaches you step by step how to build a website, do research, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and Guides You every step of the way. There is a Community of Successful People to help You and Coach You when needed.  WA has everything you need to be Successful.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches People to do just that……..Be Successful.

So Why Wealthy Affiliate?  And It’s NOT Only Because It Cost Nothing!

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed for all levels of Affiliate Marketers.  Whether you are just starting on the internet, or a seasoned online marketer;  WA has all the tools, and training to market online; All in one place.  Wealthy Affiliate provides The Road Map; you just put gas in the car.

Reasons Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam or Deal…It Is A Steal!

  1. No Experience Needed.  Your Action and The WA Training Ensures Your Success.
  2. No Techie Skills Required.  You don’t have to be a Guru.  Gurus Available…if needed.
  3. Complete Step by Step Comprehensive Training.  It’s Up to Date and Evolving.
  4. Earn While You Learn.  You can build a Website in minutes.  You Get 2 Websites Free.
  5. Surround Yourself With A Community of Successful People. Learn From Those Who Are Doing.
  6. Site Security Ensures You Don’t Get Hacked.  SSL and Encryption Included.
  7. A Platform Designed For All Levels of Affiliate Marketers in One Toolbox.
  8. State Of The Art Hosting for Your Websites.  Securely Monitored and Mirrored.  Included.
  9. Any Idea, Interest or Passion That You Have Can Be Marketed With Wealthy Affiliate.
  10. FREE Starter Membership……It Really Is FREE!  As In No COST to Join.
  11. Wealthy Affiliate Is Absolutely The Best in The Industry.  Bar None.



===>>Click Here to Begin Your Journey to Success At NO COST.



Now Let Me Wrap All That Up To Go.  Retirees…You can Start Part Time.

To Sum it all up Wealthy Affiliate IS Not a Scam.  The Wealthy Affiliate Program is Worth a look if You have Ever wanted to make money online.  It simply has everything You Need to Be successful.

Hopefully I have provided some useful information here.  I have tried to be thorough and accurate in my appraisal of The Wealthy Affiliate Program.  This is Why I think Wealthy Affiliate Is a Steal for All that is included.  If you have ever thought of making money online…..Or even part time; Now is your chance.  With Your Effort, and The Tools provided; You can be Very Successful online with Wealthy Affiliate.  I am NOT worried about My Social Security Benefits.

Thanks for stopping by,


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If You have any Questions about Wealthy Affiliate Please Ask them Below.  Also, If You are a Member, I would love to Hear about Your Journey.  Comments Are Welcomed Here.



  1. Thanks for the review! I was looking for information on wealthy affiliate and I like your way of thinking and rules. I hate slick marketing talk. It makes me feel like the writer assumes I’m stupid. This helped me to understand what it’s all about and I’ll check it out. Thanks!

    • Thanks Jukka, I hope I Helped You. I believe in “Old School” thinking. Treat People The way you would like to Be treated, Help people when You can; and Pay it Forward. Right is Right, and Tell The Truth. If You Treat People Badly; It Will come back Around.

      Social Security is Not Enough to live a comfortable life. So people need an Alternative income in their retirement years to be stable and comfortable.

      Thanks Again,


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