There is much talk in the News and media about CBD Oil for improving Overall health. You have probably heard someone boast about The Benefits of CBD Oil for treating an ailment or medical condition they may have. I would like to help You, and share what I have learned on this subject. Hopefully this article will answer some of Your questions. I think Natural supplements have far fewer side effects than Prescription drugs.

Legal Disclaimer

No Product We Recommend Or Link Provided, should be considered as a Treatment, or Cure for a Specific Disease or Condition. We Are NOT Providing Medical Advice, Opinions or Diagnosis. We are Not Doctors, or associated with The Medical Profession. In all cases Consult Your Physician, where Your health is concerned.

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Is CBD Oil for Pain? / How Does It Work?

As You probably know, The Human Body is fascinating in Form and Function. Doctors, Scientists and Students continue to research the body and the effects of Pain. Our body has many complexities and systems to include the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, immune, digestive, and reproductive; just to name a few.

One system of the Body You may not have heard of is The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is perhaps the Most important system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. The ECS is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including fertility, appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. With its complex actions in our immune system, nervous system, and all the body’s organs, the endocannabinoid system is literally a bridge between the body and mind. By understanding this system, we begin to see a mechanism that explains how states of consciousness can promote health or disease. You can Read More Here……….


What is CBD ?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabinoids (CBD) can excite or inhibit the release of neurotransmitters in the brain and can play a role in regulating the body’s natural response to inflammation. These are the two things to be concerned about when talking about CBD for Pain and inflammation. Cannabinoids or (CBD) has exhibited anti-inflammatory properties in numerous studies. Inflammation normally occurs when your body is fighting an infection or a perceived infection.

CBD is believed to work on pain in two ways. It affects the central nervous system, and at the site of the pain; which sends pain signals to the brain when it detects certain damage to cells and nerves. The ability for CBD to calm these responses is one reason the compound might be a pain solution or remedy for people with arthritis or other ailments.

More studies are still being conducted, But anecdotal reports from people who have started incorporating CBD into their arthritis treatment are positive. One person shared on Facebook that topical CBD “Helps better than any other ointment I’ve ever used.” CBD could be worth exploring as a solution to pain as part of a treatment plan for arthritis.

Can CBD Oil Help Me? / How?

There have been more than 23,000 Studies that Suggest people can benefit from CBD Oil as a Nutritional Supplement. While research and studies are still being conducted; scientists are impressed by the positive results in which CBD Oil has helped in people with a wide range of common ailments. Many people with the following conditions have shown a Quality of life improvement when using CBD Oil. You can Read More Here.


  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Sleep, Mood or Appetite problems
  • Immune response Issues
  • Stomach and Digestive problems
  • Weight Loss or Management




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Frequently Asked Questions. / Tell Me More.

By now, I’m sure You have a few Questions. I will try to answer the most common questions here.

  1. Is CBD Oil good to Improve Weight loss? Yes, CBD Oil has helped Many people lose weight.
  2. Will CBD Oil get me High? No, Because the THC is removed.
  3. What is The Difference between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil? CBD Oil is extracted from the Entire plant including Leaves, Flowers, Stems, and Stalks. (This is where the Cannabinoids or CBD is most abundant.) Hemp Oil is made from pressed Seeds.
  4. Is Product Purity Important in Supplemental CBD Oil? Yes, Very Important for Effectiveness.
  5. How Do I know if I am getting a Pure Product Supplement? Independent Third Party Lab Testing for Purity.
  6. How and Where to buy CBD Oil? The Highest Quality CBD Oil is Available from Links on This Page.



I Found A Reputable Company with the Highest Quality CBD and Other Nutritional Supplements from HB Naturals. You can Find out more Here.

If You are concerned about what You put in Your Body, You want the best Quality; I Urge You to Look around their site and I think You’ll agree this is a reputable company. They Use Independent Third Party Labs, to Test Their Products for Purity (For Maximum Effectiveness); and they Guarantee the products.


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(We Gonna Run Some More Tests, But I Have a Few Medications For You.)

Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts on the system that is in place in the world today to deal with Medical conditions. When I was growing up the only time we went to the doctor, (other than immunizations) was when we were badly injured or Very sick. The Doctor (in those days) would FIX the problem, and say if You have any more problems come back. This IS NOT the case anymore.




In Today’s world, Doctors and Big Pharmaceutical companies generate BILLIONS of dollars by managing Your health care with return visits and Multiple prescriptions. Just watch the TV and this is Very Obvious; as there is a different medication being promoted every 5 minutes. Then the next Ad you see will be from a Lawyer, asking You if You took a certain drug….. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Let’s don’t forget the Side Effects of these Pills.


For Doctors and Big Pharmaceutical companies this lets them Manage to make Those Payments on that Mercedes, Cadillac, Range Rover, BMW or Yacht.

I Hate the medical profession as it exists today and I Cannot afford it. Personally, I Stay away from Doctors whenever possible. I Manage My Own Health Care after doing My Own Research!! Proper Nutrition, Exercise, and Quality Natural Supplements I Can afford; beats the Doctors and Managed Health Care hands down.

Is CBD Oil the next miracle in the world of modern medicine? Who knows, but it is important to recognize that thousands of people are talking about the Positive Benefits of CBD Oil on health. There must be a logical reason for that. I think We all need a More Natural approach to Our health care.

Hopefully I have given You valuable Information about CBD Oil and how it could help you. Remember don’t settle for any CBD or supplement product you find on the internet.  There are companies that have products with impurities, pesticides or even Fake products in some cases. You need a Reputable company You can Trust, if You are considering purchasing Nutritional Supplements of any kind.





Here’s To Your Success. Eat right, Stay active, Be Healthy. Enjoy a Better Life.


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  1. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your detailed article on CBD oil. I always kept wondering what the heck is this CBD oil thing but never got around to know about it. But after reading your article I now know what is CBD oil.

    Just a quick question. Can CBD oil help me detoxify my body? 

    I would love to start using it if it can.



    • Nick, Thanks for the Comment and the Great question. 

      Yes, HB Naturals has a wide variety of products, but more importantly there are Several of them to aid in detoxifying the body.

      HepaDetox Essential Oil Blend

      HepaDetox is a blend of essential oils that are known to help the liver detox and also to regenerate and rebuild liver cells.
      Another product for detox is.

      VITALITEA is one of the most powerful detox teas available for micronutrient delivery and elimination of undigested waste in your colon and your digestive system.

      You can find them Here at

      You can find both of these Under Products from the Main page pull down menu.

      I hope this helps Nick. I would Love to hear about Your results if You try them.

      Thanks, Ron


  2. Hi, Ron.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts o CBD Oil – its benefits and how it helps.
    To be really frank, I always thought that CBD Oil and Hemp Oil, both are the same. But as you suggested, CBD oil is derived from the complete plant including stems & leaves.
    Please share if Myohealth provides some offer or Big Sale during the Black Friday period? Secondly, I am interested in weight loss with CBD oil, so how should I go ahead?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav, Good comment and I am glad you are interested in improving your health.

      I have Great News for You!!  You can Sign up as a Distributor and Buy All Your Products at Wholesale Prices. You Can Sign Up Here…

      As You know CBD Essential Oils is a Very Fast Growing Industry. After You try these amazing products, You might want to recommend them to a Friend. If You do this You can begin to Earn some extra money.

      They have 2 Products to help with Weight Loss. Slimmer and VitaliTEA. The VitaliTEA helps to Detoxify you body.

      I have a Friend taking The Weight Loss Challenge (he takes both products) and He lost 18 LBS. in 22 Days!!

      They also have a Weight Loss Challenge and You could Earn up to $500.  

      Take a Good Look at HB Naturals Website. This is a Very reputable Company with Quality products that work.

      TriVita is Another Great Company with Nutritional Products that work. They have a Buy ONE / GET ONE Free Deal on the MyoHealth product.  You can check it Out Here.

      I hope this Helps You.  Please Contact Me and Let Me Know about Your Results with The Products. 

      Thank You!  Here’s to Your Success.


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