Welcome to My site!  Thank You for being here.  Please take a few minutes to look around.  Baby Boomers, seniors and people nearing retirement are in Financial Trouble.  In some cases what is needed is part time work from Home for retired people.  Most folks know that the money promised by Social Security is Not Enough to live comfortably.

My Story

I am a Veteran and I served Honorably for 15 years in The U.S. Military.  While serving four years in The Army and eleven years in The Navy; I traveled to many parts of the world.  Germany. Canada, Britain and Italy to name a few.

In The Navy I repaired computers and electronics on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) equipment.  The ASW Community keeps track of the worlds submarines year round; so the responsibility was vital to our nations defense.

Not to bore you with my life story, but after 15 years in the military I realized that retirement was approaching and Social Security is not enough money to live the kind of life that I wanted.

I Wanted a Lot.

I wanted freedom from a (JOB), to travel, and to work only a few hours a week; but still have plenty of money recurring on a monthly basis.  I wanted the ability to work from anywhere, without a long commute to a daily job; where I would constantly trade time for dollars.

Real Estate sounded very interesting, and I knew it had made many millionaires like Donald Trump; but it was risky, and I did not have the start up capital to invest.

Why Is Social Security Not Enough ?  Not Enough For Me Anyway.

The Amount of a monthly Social Security varies, depending on what age You decide to retire.  The below data was taken from a Google Search just now.

The maximum monthly Social Security benefit that an individual can receive per month in 2019 is $3,770 for someone who files at age 70. For someone at full retirement age (currently 66) the maximum amount is $2,861, and for someone aged 62 the maximum amount is $2,209.

Now I don’t know about You…..But those figures and The Associated Ages Scare Me!  At Age 62 The Maximum amount is $2,209.  So lets say my lodging, utilities, telephone, vehicle maintenance, and insurance premiums comes to $1.850 (I think this is a Very conservative estimate).  How much do I have left for food, entertainment, credit card debt, medical expenses, Incidentals, and Emergencies???  Pretty scary right??  Here’s what I did…….

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I Needed More…I Found What I Was Looking For & More !

I had heard of many people making money online; but I didn’t know how.  I needed a comprehensive guide for starting an online business.

I searched the internet for a training program that could help me.  It had to be affordable and easy, because I knew nothing about marketing on the Internet.  After I did some research, I found out I could get paid for simply recommending a product or service to other people.  What?  The very same way I would recommend a good restaurant or movie to a friend.  It sounded To Good To Be True……….BUT IT IS.

It is called Affiliate Marketing.  Whenever you recommend a product or service to someone else on the internet you can Get Paid! (When You Know How)  There are hundreds or thousands of companies worldwide willing to pay YOU!  You can market or promote anything that interests you, something you are passionate about and work from Anywhere with an internet connection.

Sounds pretty simple right?  Well it is simple and I can help you get started today.  When I thought about starting a small online business from home, I knew I needed help.  I found a community of Successful people who are doing this and helping others to duplicate their success.  Many of them Earn Several Thousand Dollars A Month, Some of them, Many Times that amount.

This Community is called Wealthy Affiliate and the best part is….it cost nothing to Join.  That’s right it IS Absolutely FREE to get started.   That certainly is within my budget.  This is A Complete training program provides step by step guidance and videos on how to get PAID for Helping other people.  I am currently using their training program right now as I write this to you.

You can learn at your own pace, and You DO NOT have to be a genius to do this.  These Successful People have a wealth of information and are ready to help.  They will answer any questions you might have as you go through the training.  Just ask for help; the support and encouragement you receive is unmatched.  You DO NOT have to Spend a Dime; Because You Can Earn As You Learn.  Sounds pretty Good right?  I know it sounded Perfect for me.

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To Sum It All Up…..

I hope I have helped you find an alternative income stream, so We don’t have to rely on Social Security in retirement.  Who knows if Social Security will even be there when we need it?  This can be a Life Changing stream of income for You.  No Experience Required.  I know it has Helped me, and after all it is FREE EDUCATION

Remember, if you have any questions; there is a community of Successful People that will be happy to Help & Support You along the way.  These caring people are already doing this; some of them might have had the same questions when they got started.  You Will Not Be Alone!!

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Thanks,  I hope to see you in The Wealthy Affiliate Community.


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